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Submitted by KathyMenold1 on Thu, 2022-07-28 05:07
Saturday, Jun 25, 2022 - 08:30am to Saturday, Jun 25, 2022 - 05:30pm

Our members enjoyed seeing many historic stops on the “Mother Road” Route 66 in Eastern Oklahoma during a one-day trip sponsored by John Kushernick, Eastern Oklahoma Section President and Dennis Anderson Ozark Section’s President. We had stops at Ed Galloways Totem Pole Park (Chelsea), The Blue Whale (Catoosa), Meadow Gold Neon billboard (Tulsa), Route 66 Park (Tulsa) Route 66 Tulsa Fire Station and Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios (Tulsa). We also drove past multiple other historic sites along the way without stopping. John provided us a travel guide and easy maps to navigate with all twenty-three members staying together in our caravan. Some of our members, Robin and Kathy Retzlaff, have taken several trips to explore multiple stretches of Route 66 over the last several years but a one-day trip was still exceptional especially being with our neighboring MBCA Section. We were also joined by Julie Bruggner our MBCA President who made the trip even more exciting. Our day trip gave us many wonderful glimpses of the Route 66 history. Of course, members enjoyed lunch at the famous White River Fish Market in Tulsa and both Section’s Boards enjoyed dinner at Seogi’s Sausage Factory with Julie Bruggner. Thanks to John Kushnerick for organizing the event and including multiple Route 66 brochures and resources to go back again and explore even more in the future.